SureScore can help every student discover their true potential by providing pathways to achieve their goals.

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MemorialHighSchool“My favorite aspect of Sure Score is the Score Reports the company produces after diagnostic testing with the students. The reports are comprehensive and detailed, and they really give the students an idea of their strengths and weaknesses on the test. ETS itself couldn’t do a better job.”

—Lauren Shelley, Teacher, Memorial High School

“SAT Test Prep helped me discover what I needed to improve on and ways to improve them.”

—Student, Edison High School

‘Strategies To Advance Reading’ has been added to my arsenal as a sure fire way to prepare students with higher level, valuable writing and speaking tools. I often challenge them to use one or two of the newly acquired vocabulary words in conversation at home during the week with adults. It is fascinating to hear the response from parents and see the growth in confidence of the youngsters who put this into practice!

—Sue Lynch, Teacher, LA/SS