Students who are required to take remedial courses are less likely to earn a degree or certificate than students who advance to college-level courses, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. SureScore’s test preparation helps students place out of remedial courses and improves their chances of success in college and in the 21st Century workforce.

SureScore’s THEA® College Placement preparation provides comprehensive instruction across the same math, reading, and writing content areas that are tested on the THEA college placement exam. SureScore’s THEA College Placement preparation includes 11 units. From proofreading skills to geometry and essay writing, lessons provide in-depth instruction and strategies for improving performance in each area tested on the THEA exam.

SureScore Client Services intimately analyzes clients’ goals and needs to customize a test preparation structure that ensures the success defined by the client. From a classroom-based approach to direct instruction, SureScore’s THEA preparation program can be implemented in a variety of formats for a diversity of logistical parameters. Professional development and campus support ensures efficient program implementation and student success.

[tab title=”Features”]

  • Hundreds of practice problems to reinforce strategies
  • Engaging, activity-based lessons
  • Strategies for differentiating instruction
  • Intensive professional development for teachers
  • Student and teacher materials

[tab title=”Benefits”]

  • Improves student performance
  • Increases college-going rates
  • Reduces the need for remediation
  • Boosts enrollment in dual-credit courses
  • Increases the number of Distinguished Achievement Program graduates


[tab title=”Testimonials”]

According to a survey of users participating in SureScore’s THEA® College Placement preparation course, students agree that the

  • course familiarized them with each section of the THEA college placement exam
  • helped prepare them to take the THEA college placement exam
  • strategies were introduced in a way that was easy to learn and apply
  • strategies helped them to make connections to previously learned content
  • new test-taking strategies on the THEA exam can be applied with confidence